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Want to know how to get stock market returns without stock market risks? Want to learn how to make your money work for you while deferring taxes? Want to take advantage of special tax laws designed for educators and public service professionals? The information is all here in our Multimedia Presentations.

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Animation #1 - Tax-Deferred Annuities
Animation #2 - EIA (Equity Indexed Annuities)
                     FIA (Fixed-Indexed Annuities)

Animation #3 - 403-B Annuities
Animation #4 - 457 Plan Annuities
Animation #5 - FIA Questions

Video Series    - FIA Fixed-Indexed Series Home
Segments 2&3 - FIA Fixed-Indexed Annuities 2
Segments 4&5 - FIA Fixed-Indexed Annuities 3